10 Things to Do After Moving In

10 Things to do After You Move In

So you’ve finally unpacked all your boxes and you’re getting settled into your new home, maybe even relaxing a little bit. So you’re probably asking yourself: Now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 things you need to do AFTER moving in & how to do them.

1. Change the Locks

Secure your new home by changing the locks. While this isn’t a necessary step, you never know how many copies of keys the previous owner made. You can also consider setting up a full security system in your home for extra protection.

See your local locksmith for a traditional lock change. You can also go bigger and invest in the latest technology including mobile phone controlled locks from Lockitron or fingerprint locks like these options from GoKeyless.

2. The Last Purge & The First Deep Clean

Now that everything is unpacked and set up, you’ll most likely still have things you don’t want anymore. Try and get these either thrown away, recycled, sold, or donated as soon as possible to avoid clutter in your new home. Additionally, the move in process probably included a few spills and breaks and left you with dirt, dust, and garbage. To start off with a clean home you should do a housewarming deep clean to get things started.

You can hire a decluttering service such as The Mavins Group or a cleaning service such as Nationwide Cleaning Services Inc. to help you out with these processes. If you want to do it all yourself, you can start decluttering/cleaning your home with guides and tips from our pinterest board: [ Cleaning / Decluttering ]

3. Make Some Lists

There will no doubt be things you need for your new home as well as things you want. It is important to differentiate between the items you need and the things you want by making lists. Prioritize and budget yourself so you aren’t killing your bank account right off the bat by buying anything and everything all at once.

Make a timeline of when you will buy what items based on necessity; you can use this free printable planner as a guide from Small Paper Things. We suggest delegating about 10-15% of your monthly income to home decor. If you are doing bigger renovations or remodeling, investing more than 10-15% will most likely be necessary.

4. Get Familiar with Your New Home

Despite having done about 15 walk-throughs and tours of the home at this point, there are still some things you should make sure you’re familiar with: water heaters, gas lines, sprinkler systems, thermostats, smoke detectors, and home security.

Learn how to label your breaker box with this guide from First Home Love Life. You can also consider updating your thermostats/home security with the latest technology. Some resources we love for thermostats, smoke detectors and home security are Nest and ADT.

5. Explore the Area

Find restaurants, gyms, hospitals, parks, museums, movie theaters etc. This is the first step to becoming a local and can also help you discover great places to go with kids, pets, or date nights.

Check out our other articles on the our blog about moving to different cities. Or for a wider variety of cities, check out our Pinterest board with city guides, articles and other information: [ Destinations ]. You can also use Zocdoc to find doctors near you based on your new zip code. Finally, let our friends at Operator help you plan the perfect weekend in your new home.

6. Record New Contact Information

Make it a priority to know and record the addresses and phone numbers of new schools, doctors’ offices, police departments, hospitals, post offices, etc. It is also a good idea to write down your own home address and new telephone number for yourself and your children.

Here are two of our favorite free printable address books: Eliza Ellis & DIY Home Sweet Home

7. Get Up to Date on Licenses/Registrations

Make sure you get a new drivers license, update your car registration information, firearms licenses, and voting address. Regulations on how soon you have to do these tasks is different for every state so make sure you are aware of your state’s laws.

Here is a great resource to find out when you need to update your drivers license and car registration from the DMV. You can find our more information about firearms license on our blog.

8. Take A LOT of Photos

Do this both for your own sake and everyone else. It is almost guaranteed that your family and friends will want to see your new home. It is also nice to see the progression of décor and any renovations you make.

Tag us in your pictures on social media and you might be featured on our InstagramTwitter, or Facebook!

9. Actually Spend Time at Home

This may seem obvious, but cooking meals, hanging out on the weekends and taking some time to be with family in your new house will make it feel more like a home quicker.

Our friends at Mover.com have an awesome Recipe Book for movers or you can search our Pinterest board for some meal inspiration: [ Quick & Easy Meals ].

10. Throw a Housewarming Party

This might be as early as a week after move in day or as late as 8 months after. Either way there is no better way to make a house feel like home than a party It is a great way to build relationships with coworkers, neighbors, and new friends. Its also a good reason to show off your amazing new home!

Get some party inspiration from our friends at Oh Happy Day!  or our Pinterest board: [ Farewell / Housewarming ]


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