9 Unique Closing Gift Ideas for Realtors

Closing gifts have long been a way for realtors to go the extra mile for their clients. Not only does it serve as a special treat to clients, but it can also bring in referrals and repeat business. Below are a few of our favorite closing gift ideas for clients.

1. Seasonal Closing Gifts

Try giving seasonal gifts such as a Christmas wreath in December or a pumpkin around halloween.

2. Wine or Champagne

A nice bottle of wine or champagne is a great idea, especially for clients buying a luxury home who may be less interested in a more flashy gift. Just be aware that some clients may not wish to receive alcohol, so tread lightly.

3. A Gift Card to a Local Restaurant or Cafe

A gift card to a local favorite is a great way to welcome clients to the new neighborhood.

4. Coffee Mugs with Initials

To represent all the times they had to write their initials.

5. Monogrammed Towels for Everyone in the Family

You can do this with bath towels or pool towels.


Source: MonogramRose

6. Branded Post Cards

Send a branded post card going out to all the homes in the neighborhood with a little bit of info about the family. Another spin on this idea is a pre-addressed, stamped postcard inviting the new neighbors to an open house, with a spot for the client to fill in a date that works for them. Another idea is preparing an address announcement postcard for the homeowners to send their friends and family.

7. Nothing.

This is a different approach, but worth mentioning. Closing gifts are not required, and some realtors argue that offering client gifts only communicates that you didn’t offer enough value along the way.


Source: unsplash.com

8. A Year Subscription to Title Lock

Relocating puts clients at a higher risk of  be a victim of fraud. Protecting your clients will not go unappreciated.

9. A Premium Gift Basket

No two clients are completely the same. A gift basket is a great way to choose a gift that personally fits a client.


Source: Mouth.com

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