3 Tips for Networking In a New City

city view of new york

Moving to a new city for a new school or job can be lonely and daunting because you have to build a local network of colleagues and friends all over again. However, it is also a great opportunity to find a new and exciting direction, meet new people and most importantly, start over. Here are three tips to build your new network in a new city;

Reach Out

This does not just mean saying hello and smiling to the barista each morning. When you move to a new place, accept that your network will not be comprised of co-workers and close friends any more. If you have a friend of a friend in the same city, this is the time to reach out to him/her. Go to alumni networking events even when you know no one there. You can also reach out to your next door neighbor for recommendations or even invite them for a drink.

Join Professional Groups

Just like a college alumni associations, many organizations want to involve people starting out. This way they are assured that they have enough support when need arises. Look for organizations that are related professionally to what you love to do and find discounted membership fees to join and become an active member.

Find a Tribe

Do a thorough online research to find people doing something that you are interested in. This research can be done on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meet-ups or Google Groups. Whether they discuss comic books over a cup of coffee or shoot short comedies over the weekends, becoming a part of a like-mined community is a great way to have the right connections. People who are absolutely passionate about your passions tend to pursue similar paths. They are also fun friends to hang out with. You can also send out weekly emails to your circle to let them know of new deals you may have stumbled on. This is a great way to meet up all together and expand a growing circle.


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