5 Minute Guide to Tipping Movers

5 minute guide to tipping movers moving company

If you’re planning a move and have hired a moving company, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to tip your movers. There’s no obligation for you to tip your movers, but deciding to do so greatly increases the odds that the movers will handle your items with extra care. Here’s a simple breakdown of everything you need to know about tipping your moving company crew:

Tell Your Movers in Advance.

Instead of simply adding on a tip after you are serviced, consider letting the crew know ahead of time that you plan to tip if the job is done well. This not only rewards good behavior, but also incentives your movers to treat your belongings with extra care. At the beginning of the job, try saying, “If everything makes it to the new house without any damages or items missing, I’ll throw in a great tip.” Your moving company will not disappoint.

Tip the Right Way.

A fair tip can vary greatly on the size of the home, difficulty of the job, distance traveled, etc. As a general rule, $30 per crew member is a good base to start. It’s also very important to give the tip to each person separately. Movers will tell you that it’s very common for the customer to give the driver the tip for the whole team, not realizing that the driver is just going to pocket the whole tip for himself. To avoid this, stop by an ATM on the way to the house, and withdraw enough cash for everyone. A tip can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s a lot cheaper than replacing damaged goods or fighting the moving company for a reimbursement.

Can’t Afford to Tip?

If you simply can’t afford a tip, consider buying lunch for the crew instead. Most movers will take it as a great favor if you offer to grab fast food for them instead. It also goes along way to be friendly. Try offering the guys some water bottles, crank the A/C down a little lower, and be gracious. A little kindness can go along way.

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