How To Help Your Family Transition when Moving

family moving

We will all have to move at some point in our lives. Whether you are moving across town, to a new city, or to a different state, moving can be stressful. While you cannot avoid the stress, you can manage it by planning the move ahead of time. You can also take steps to help you and your family transition smoothly into your new home.

Helping Your Kids Adapt To Their New Home, School And Neighborhood

If you have kids, take into special consideration their needs when moving. While moving across town may seem easy for you, it may be life changing for your child. This is especially true if your child will be going to a new school and living in a new neighborhood. Children can become attached to a home, and it may be difficult for them to leave behind their home.

You can ease the anxiety of your child by taking them on a tour of their new school before they begin classes. Introducing your child to their teachers beforehand is also a good idea. This way, your child will already be familiar with the school environment and the teachers. Driving on the school bus route a couple of times before school begins can also help your child feel more comfortable about going to a new school and ease their fears.

Exploring the neighborhood together, and meeting families with young kids can help children get familiar with their new area and help with making new friends. You can let your child draw a map of the neighborhood as you explore it, so they start to feel connected to it. To make moving easier on your child, make a “move box” for them. Create a small box for your child that they can carry and let them stuff it with prized possessions such as toys and photographs. Let them carry it with them as they move to their new home.

Helping Teens Adjust To A New Environment

To make moving easier on a teen, try to include them in the moving process. Ask them to help you with packing. Let them tag along if you’re buying new furniture or home decor. Teenagers like to be involved in activities. Ask them how they feel about the move. By understanding how your teen feels and including them in the moving process, the move to a new area can go much more smoothly.

Making The Move Easier On Yourself

One of the best ways to make a move less stressful is to organize it ahead of time. Plan the dates of the actual move, and what you will be taking with you. This help you keep track of time and items. Visit any relatives or friends and say goodbye to them. You may also want to stop by any places that hold meaning to you before leaving. Express your feelings about the move and remember to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep and keeping up a regimen. Moving can be a handful at times, but by planning ahead and taking it step by step you can make it much more manageable.

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