I Though I Had Moving Figured Out. I Was Wrong.

moving mistakes and how to avoid them

I thought I had moving figured out. We were moving into my in-law’s house, so instead of packing, we were downsizing. It was supposed to be easy. All I had to do was donate a bunch of junk and pack our essentials, right? Wrong. I was very wrong.

Mistake #1: Packing Too Early and Then Too Late

My first downfall was starting to pack too early. For the first few days, I was on a roll. I got cocky. Everything we didn’t immediately need went directly into boxes and forgotten about for days. That sounds great, but packing early caused me to take too many days off in between. I got started early so I felt like I had all the time in the world to finish. When the day before the move arrived, we scrambled around the house throwing our things in boxes. Which brings me to my next mistake…

Mistake #2: Not Labeling Boxes

I forgot to label my boxes correctly. I thought I would remember what “kitchen stuff” was supposed to be. It’s been three weeks since we moved, and I still can’t find my wine glasses. “Miscellaneous” is a word I’ve entirely deleted from my vocabulary after my recent experience with moving. As it turns out, everything can be considered miscellaneous if you wait until the last minute to finish packing. When labeling boxes, always be as specific as you can.

Mistake #3: Not Cleaning Beforehand

I didn’t clean before packing. I assumed I could pack and then clean as I went. The problem with this is that there will always be more mess than you think there is. Even if you’ve been an all-star at keeping your house clean, there will be something hiding in the refrigerator. ┬áIf cleaning while packing seems like a nightmare, imagine trying to clean on the actual day you’re moving. Next time I’ll clean ahead of time and avoid the chaos of having to do it all at the last second.

Mistake #4: Cheaping-Out on Boxes

The biggest struggle we faced when moving was flimsy boxes. We went to all the local grocery stores to pick up boxes and packing tape. The problem with these boxes is that no matter how big they are, you can only fit so much in them before they break. Every box we had dedicated to books broke before they had a chance to make it out the door. To combat this issue, we had to invest in large plastic boxes. These were a huge lifesaver. They hold so much more than cardboard boxes. As a bonus, they’re perfect for storage because they protect your possessions from the elements.

In the end, I realized moving isn’t as simple as I made it out to be.Moving offers plenty of opportunities to mess up. Next time, I’ll actually listen to all of the advice out there about making it through a move in one piece.

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