Lawn Care Tips for First Time Homeowners

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Being a new homeowner brings in a lot of excitement but also a great deal of responsibility. As a homeowner, you may have taxes and a mortgage to pay regularly to keep the possession of the home. Additionally, you have regular maintenance that needs to be done around the home like painting, preventative maintenance and repairing small items in the home. However, one of the major items that needs to be addressed regularly to keep the appearance of the house in top-notch shape is gardening and exterior planting. There are several aspects to keeping up the garden and lawn projects of your home. These areas include planting trees and flowers, lawn maintenance, using environment-friendly methods to mitigate pests and many more. With time, even the newest homeowners can become seasoned professionals. As a new homeowner, you probably just know that you need a lawn mower. Here are a few tips to help your lawn look as good as your neighbor’s lawn:


Deal with Uneven Ground

A bunch of high and low spots all over your lawn are not attractive at all. All high areas should be scalped by the lawnmower. Fill in the depressed areas and don’t shy away from cutting ground that is raised.


Be Patient

You are probably itching to get started on your own lawn care. However, if you do not allow the soil to completely thaw, then there will be trouble on your lawn. If you begin raking and aerating the soil too soon, you will open the grass canopy and expose any fragile new growth to a lot of light. Be patient and let the ground aerate and completely thaw.


Do Not Water Early

Water should not even cross your mind until the ground is warm and dry. If the lawn shows a sign of drought, do not panic. This forces it to grow deeper roots in search of a water source. When the grass starts to properly grow, then you will need to water the lawn until once a week.In conclusion, research widely on gardening to ensure that you are up to date with the latest technologies.


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