Moving a Gun to North Carolina

If you are moving to North Carolina in the future and you are a gun owner, you should make sure you know the laws about gun ownership in your new state. Every state has laws and regulations about transporting your gun, whether you need a license, whether you need to register the gun, and what you can any cannot do with your gun their state. Some, like North Carolina, even have laws that are different in a certain county. Knowing the law will protect you from issues with your gun ownership.

NOTE: Federal and state firearms laws can change frequently. This article is a summary of helpful guidelines, and is not to be treated as legal advice or a restatement of law. To determine which laws apply to your specific circumstance, you are strongly urged to consult a local attorney. It is your responsibility to stay up to date and comply with state and federal gun laws.

Transporting Guns in North Carolina

Different types of guns have specific rules regarding transportation. Rifles and shotguns must be transported unloaded and locked in the trunk of your car, in a locked carrying case, or locked in a gun rack. If you have a handgun to transport, make sure you do not plan to stop at any location where the law prohibits carrying of guns.

Carry Laws and Licensing

If you are a law-abiding citizen, you may own and carry your gun in North Carolina. For open carry, you must be at least 18 years old. There are specific locations where you cannot openly carry a gun, and you need to make sure you determine those areas. For concealed carry you must be 21. You must have a Concealed Carry Permit from North Carolina or another state. As with open carry, there is a list of places, like those shown at the bottom, you cannot carry concealed guns.

Gun Registration

Rifles and shotguns do not need registration in any part of North Carolina. In only one county, Durham, you are required to register handguns. You don’t need to register handguns in other counties. You should contact the sheriff’s office in Durham County for more details if you need to register a handgun.

Gun Prohibitions

• According to Federal Law, a felon cannot own or carry a gun in any state, including North Carolina.
• You cannot own a fully automatic or machine gun in North Carolina.

A variety of locations do not allow concealed or open carry of guns including:
• government buildings and courthouses, schools
• paid events like concerts
• places serving alcohol
• state parks
• events like parades, pickets or demonstrations, and funerals

Guns cannot be carried into any facility that posts a sign prohibiting the carry of guns. Make sure you check the state website for all the specific prohibitions based on location.

North Carolina is considered a gun-friendly state. Make sure you follow the laws of the state where your guns are as welcome as you are.


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