Top 10 Reasons to Move to New York City

new york city

Moving can be a big hassle, but once you get there, it will be worth everything. Here are the top ten reasons to choose New York City.

Always Something To Do

New York City is nicknamed the city that doesn’t sleep for a reason. No matter the time or day, there is always something fun to do. There are performers in restaurants and bars, art galleries, and new people and places to explore all the time.


NYC has the biggest and best shopping in the US. From flagship stores like Macy’s and the largest Toys R Us, to small specialty boutiques and street side venders, NYC has everything you can want.


NYC has just about any kind of art you can imagine from folk art to fine art. Artists from all over the world come to NYC to show off their goods in small galleries, and even on the street. There are also large, world renowned art museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art, to name a few.


In addition to the numerous art museums, there are many museums for a variety of tastes. There are wax museums and children’s museums There are museums for the history buff, the science lover, and a wide variety of religious institutions.

Central Park

Central Park is an iconic NYC landmark. It is green space in the middle of the city. There are lots of activities available in Central Park too. You can go for a bike ride or a walking tour of movie filming sites. You can go ice skating or to the Central Park Zoo. The possibilities are endless.


NYC is home to many of the major national sports associations. They also host a wide variety of teams including basketball, soccer, ice hockey, football, and baseball. NYC is only one of two cities (Chicago being the other) to have two baseball teams, the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. Other sports, and also colleges, have a presence in NYC.


NYC is a melting pot with people gathering from all over the world. Besides a variety of neighborhoods, new immigrants often make their first stop in NYC as it is often seen as an icon of America. Additionally, people in NYC are often more tolerant of differences than people in other parts of the country.

Filming and Celebrities

Many movies and TV shows are filmed in NYC and, on any given day, you are bound to run into a filming crew. Shows like Castle and Chicago Fire are filmed in NYC. Because of so much filming in the city, the likelihood of running into a celebrity on the streets or in a restaurant or shop are higher than other cities.


Food in NYC is unlike food anywhere else. Not only is there a huge variety of foods available, there are many different nationalities represented. You can find just about any style of food including Italian, French, Mediterranean, Vegan, and many others. There are very expensive formal restaurants, and street side vendors selling gyros and tacos. There is food to suit just about any tastes.


The Broadway District in NYC is like no other place. Any show that ever runs, either was or will be seen in NYC. Broadway shows such as the Lion King, and shows like the Rockettes Christmas Show are impossible to miss, but there are shows in smaller theatres as well.

So, when you move to NYC, be sure to catch some of the fun attractions. NYC is the place to be.

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