Top 10 Reasons to Move to California


Headed to California? Get excited. There’s no shortage of reasons to move to the Golden State. Check out our top ten reasons to head to the west coast.


California offers a wide variety of beautiful weather. The northern and central parts of the state are cooler than the southern part. Mountain regions have mild summers and cold winters and there is more rainfall in the north than in the south. Looking at a California Climate Map will make it possible to find a location that will be perfect for you.


California has some of the most beautiful parks in the nation. Calaveras Big Trees, for example, is located in the mountains and features a huge stand of red wood trees. Inland parks provide an opportunity to fish and swim while camping in a convenient location. Beach parks offer the chance to walk the beach and enjoy ocean beauty, fish, surf or enjoy another activity.


Surfing, skiing, dancing, exercising, classes, museums, art galleries and many other activities are available. Sacramento offers a huge state fair each year, which covers several acres. Theme parks such as Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and others offer hours of fun for both children and adults.


In addition to excellent elementary and high schools, California is blessed with a number of well-known colleges and special education facilities. The latter includes such things as design, cooking, art and other fields in which you might be interested.


There is a wide diversity of jobs in California. Companies such as NetApp, Nordstrom, Qualcomm, Google, Intel, Genentech and hundreds of others are located in this state. This offers the opportunity to find employment in your particular area of expertise.


Many types of housing are available in California. It may take awhile to find housing in your price range, however communities near large cities offer reasonably priced housing to rent or buy. These smaller cities offer easy commute driving.


This state offers Football, soccer, basketball, swimming and many other exciting events to attend or watch on television. In addition, large stadiums and arenas are located throughout the state, which make it is possible to watch games or other events in person.

Roads and Highways

You have no doubt heard about the busy highways in California. However, the California Department of Transportation is diligent in keeping these roads safe for traveling and uses the latest technology to maintain them.


California has an excellent transportation system, which includes roads, rail, air and sea transportation. There are a number of commuter rail, bus, subway and light rail networks throughout the state making it convenient to travel to work or to other destinations.


It is possible to find any type of food in this state. This includes Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, American and hundreds of others. This provides an excellent array of menus to fit any palate.

Moving to California is truly moving to a Golden State. It is huge and offers a boundless opportunities in all areas of your life. Pursuing other information regarding this beautiful area will give you a good idea of what part of the state you wish to reside in.

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