Top 10 Reasons to Move to Florida

Move To Florida

Considering a move to Florida? Here are the top ten reasons to move to the Sunshine State.


Winters in Florida rarely get below 60F. Most often, Florida is 75F and sunny during the winter months. While much of the country is battling snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, Floridians very rarely do. They have very comfortable winters.

Cape Canaveral

Kennedy Space Station is located at Cape Canaveral. It is the place where the space shuttles were launched from. Even though the space shuttle program ended, you can still tour Kennedy Space Station. Additionally, they do still launch unmanned rockets from the site.


Orlando is the home to a great number of theme parks. It boasts Universal Studios, home of Harry Potter World, Sea World, LegoLand, and, of course, Disney World. Disney World itself has four individual theme parks, two water parks, and a huge boardwalk shopping area. Orlando is a great place to take kids to theme parks as you will have your choice of venues.


Florida grows more than 70 percent of the oranges that were sold in the US. Oranges are a big part of the local economy, and orange juice is the state beverage. Oranges grow all over the southern part of the state.

The Everglades

There is a vast amount of nature and wildlife to be seen in the Everglades. It is the largest, subtropical wetlands ecosystem in the country. It includes a sawgrass prairie, and a breeding area for wading birds, just to name a few of its unique properties. The Everglades National Park will provide you the opportunity to see all sorts of wildlife.


Possibly due to the moderate temperatures of Florida, there are ten major league sports teams, including the Miami Heat, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Florida Panthers, to name a few. There are also many minor leage teams, and several major league baseball teams come to Florida each spring for their Spring Training.


Florida has no state income tax, meaning more of the money you earn stays in your paychecks. In addition to this, the cost of living is less than in other major states so that your money goes further in Florida.


Florida boasts over 825 miles of beaches. You can go to the beach all year long, and Florida has a plethora of them to choose from. No matter where you are located, a beach is never too far away.


While you may not think of Florida as the place to visit a museum, there are plenty. For example, there is the National Naval Aviation Museum or the Salvadore Dali Museum. There is everything from aviation and art to maritime and sports museums, and everything in between.


The Daytona 500 Nascar race kicks off the racing season each February at the Daytona International Speedway. It is said to be the most important race of the year, since it is the first in the series. It draws large crowds every year.

So, if you are considering moving to Florida, there will be lots of great things to do once you arrive.

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