Your Moving Story: “I Picked the Cheapest Moving Company and Paid the Price.”

I got scammed on moving day by a moving company

When we had to make a move for my husband’s job, I was less than thrilled with the idea of moving. When I found out that my husband’s employer would be paying for a moving company, it made things a bit better. All I had to do was find a company and to get our stuff from point A to point B. Since we were moving from Ohio to Orlando, it was a big trek. Our old house was 4 bedrooms and over 2,500 square feet, so I was so glad to have a company to help out.

The first few companies I called gave me unrealistic estimates and time frames. I didn’t want to arrive and have no furniture for a week. The fifth company I talked to had a somewhat better price. They would have my house packed and ready to go within 2 days, and the furniture still wouldn’t arrive within a week, but at least the price was cheaper. After they billed me, I simply had to get reimbursed from my husband’s company.

After weeks of packing, moving day finally arrived. The company representative was supposed to show up on a Friday morning at 10 am. It was 10:15 and I still didn’t see anyone. I called the local office and they told me that their employee called off. They were trying to find someone to come to my home. Did they think one person could pack this huge home? At this point, I started to realize that I should have gotten things in writing.

Someone finally showed up about 2 pm and started working. Another worker joined him at about 5 pm and they packed till 11 pm. About 6:30 I was eating dinner and I heard a large crash. I ran up the stairs to see what happened. A small glass box that my grandmother gave me had shattered when the bottom of the box burst open. There were several things in the box that should not have been packed together. Everything from books to glass was inside this box. I was furious. I could have done a better job myself.

They finished the home the next day, and it was all supposed to be delivered by the following Friday in Orlando. Friday came, and my belongings were nowhere in sight. I didn’t get any phone call or any warning. I called the local branch and they told me that there was a delay and that my things would be there on Monday. That meant that we had to sleep on the floor all weekend long. I told them I wanted to be compensated for the trouble, which they said they would deduct a portion from the bill. On Monday at 3 pm, our stuff finally arrived.

They unpacked everything and set up my house with some guidance from us. After all was said and done, I didn’t have time to do inventory, as I was so tired and ready to be done with the moving company. However, a couple days later I noticed that my leather coat didn’t seem to be anywhere.  I searched the house high and low and the coat was nowhere to be found. I called the office yet again. I asked to speak to a manager this time. I told him all about the problems with them not showing up on time and sending one person to do the packing at first. By the time I got to the story about the coat, I was in tears.

He apologized but told me that I probably misplaced the coat. I couldn’t believe he would tell a customer that. They originally adjusted $200 off the bill for not arriving on time. He offered me a credit of $50 for my trouble.  I had paid over $300 for my custom-fit jacket, so I was not happy. I took the $50 and learned a valuable lesson that day.

Having a moving company does add convenience, but if the company is not known for excellent service. Looking back on my specific situation, I would have been better off to rent and load a truck myself than to have chosen a company that was going to cost me time and money. I promised myself that I wouldn’t make the same mistake next time.  Now I always check forums and the rating on the Better Business Bureau before dealing with a company. Doing so definitely would have saved me a lot of headache the first time around. The next time my husband got transferred, I was ready. We did a great deal of homework for our moving company, and thankfully, that time there was no issues.

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